Fun donation

December 25, 2010

For Christmas this year, I am mostly giving donations in honor of each person instead of giving them stuff.  For one of my nephews and my son, I decided to give to the Libri Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit organization that has donated over $4,000,000 worth of new, hardcover children’s books to more than 2,800 rural public libraries in the United States.

That would have been sufficient, just to give money and hopefully send an ecard saying I had done so on their behalf (some sites do this easily, some do not) but as an alternative to giving money, Libri has an Amazon wish list where you can buy books they have requested in order to stock the libraries!  The list had only 23 books on it, and each had a quantity, usually 5, 10, or 15 copies, and a note saying how many had been purchased to date.

I picked a couple of books that were near the bottom of the date ordered list, meaning they had been on the list the longest.  The first book was a no brainer – a little kids’ Carl book.  Who does not love Carl books?  My kids are 15 and 17 and yet I still fondly remember “reading” Carl books with them when they were toddlers.

The second book appears to be a middle school version of a great book that I read a while ago, I might even own a copy.  The book that I read was Rough Crossings: The Slaves, the British, and the American Revolution, by Simon Schama. Really an excellent read, worth reading a second time if I can lay my hands on it again.

The book on the Libri Foundation wish list is Liberty or Death: The Surprising Story of Runaway Slaves who Sided with the British During the American Revolution. I wonder if my own library has a copy?  I might like to read it, too.

There was no fancy gift card option for this, but I sent an email to the boys explaining what I’d done.  This was one of the most fun donations I made this season.


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