Lost Lake

January 25, 2014

I love Sarah Addison Allen.  I am so thankful that she battled breast cancer a few years ago and beat it back into submission!  That was after she wrote her first four books, and before she wrote this one:  Lost Lake.

This was my first experience doing a pre-order.  I pre-ordered on December 3, after devouring the free mini-prequel, Waking Kate.  I happened to hear on January 22 that it had been published the day before!  I simply turned on my beloved old second gen kindle, turned on the wireless, clicked sync and check for updates, and voila!  The book was there for me to read, which I did immediately, finishing within 24 hours.  No self-control, I know.

One reason I love Allen’s books is that the magical elements are so creative and yet firmly secondary to the story and characters.  They add humor, intrigue, a bit of mystery to the writing, but they are by no means the main attraction.

The main attraction, for me, is getting to know the characters and watching them handle what life throws in their path, seeing them grow, and asking myself:  would I have done that?  how would I handle such an opportunity?  or such a calamity? such an insult?  or whatever it may be.


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