Batman Saved Me!

August 28, 2014

Scheduled some time at the Tech Shop to continue printing the hand for John. After printing all the smaller pieces, I decided to print one of the two big ones, the Extended Thumbless hand – extended to make room for his finger stubs, thumbless because, well, he has a perfectly functional thumb!

It took a little longer than I expected:


In case you cannot read that, it sayd 5 hours and 4 minutes!!!!  That is how long it took to print.  The preview actually said that, but I think I did not notice at first.

When I left I might have been running a bit late, and I took a call from a co-worker while driving past a couple of gas stations.  As a consequence, I ran out of gas for the first time in my entire life.  Literally.  My husband and all our former au pairs would be thrilled to know this, because they always thought I orchestrated my life around making sure that one of them, not I, would have to fill the car with gas.  In fact, they just had a less nuanced understanding of just how far below the E our gas gauges could safely go.

So I knew I was literally running on empty, and I would have stopped sooner, really I would have, if I had not been late and distracted.

I ran out in a relatively safe place and walked the 2 short blocks back to the 76 station on the wrong side of the road.  They gave me a partly full gas can.  I put the gas in the car, but no joy.  So I called and the young owner said he was leaving anyway and he’d come see if he could help.  He brought me more gas and it started up just fine.  Turns out that while the car will run on fumes, it wont start on fumes.  It needed a LOT of gas to start.

The gas station owner, Adeel, at the 76 station on Stevens Creek Blvd across from Valley Fair, is secretly Batman.  This is from the back of his black car:

2014-08-27 17.06.03


Thank You Batman!


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