Coolest Informational Interview Ever

August 26, 2015

planet-labs-logo-lgI grew up in Houston during the Apollo missions, so I’ve been a space groupie all my life. Now I am a Planet Labs groupie, too. It is an amazingly cool company. How do I know this? I got a tour!

After hearing about Planet Labs from various random sources, I recently looked them up on linkedin. I found a fellow ex-Sun engineer, Joshua Uziel, and asked him for an informational interview. In a first, I asked if I could bring my husband along, too. He has a friend in the high-power rocketry world who loves to rave about Planet Labs. Joshua said yes, obviously, and pointed out that he’d read this 2011 post about informational interviews that I’d completely forgotten about writing. He also┬ásuggested a tour instead of just sitting and talking.

We signed a non-disclosure so I am not going to risk writing about anything we saw. Instead, I will say that I am not only delighted by their space operations and communications, I am also a fan of what they are doing. The possibilities of what one can do with pictures of the earth seem endless. It is an almost literal embodiment of the sentiment “sunshine is the best disinfectant.” If I was not up to my eyeballs volunteering to help ECF work through its start-up phase, in my spare time, I’d be very tempted to apply to their developer program and see what I could do.


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