Listening to my Smart Meter, Part 4

January 30, 2016

I logged in to my PG&E account for the first time in ages, partly to look something up and partly because I had heard they have a “Share” feature now to share your Green Button data with companies providing services related to …. Green Button data.

There were two surprises.

  1. Not only is the list of companies that I can select to Share my data with quite long, one of them is Open Energy Efficiency!  This must be the same company that is the sponsor behind the Open EE Meter project, the subject of a meetup that I am going to this coming Monday.
  2. The EnergyAware PowerTab, which I got working via shell commands and assorted phone calls to PG&E and others in the Spring of 2013, has magically appeared on my new Stream My Data Dashboard.  This definitely was not in place when I got this early product activated almost two years ago.  powertab2015 copy

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