Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform – SEED

October 9, 2016

I was delighted to dive into another actual open source project in the world of energy efficiency this week: the SEED Platform. Not the greatest name, since there are so many other things named seed, many of which have to do with nature or agriculture. (For example, Seed: The Untold Story, featuring Jane Goodall and others.)

However, google SEED energy and the SEED Platform from the DOE is the first hit.

doe-seed-logo_v7_0I cloned the code from github and followed the Getting Started instructions on readthedocs. It went quite well, though it might have gone better if I were the kind of person to read all the instructions before starting the work. The “Quick Installation Instructions” are woefully incomplete, and may (MAY) only serve for a do-over by someone who is starting over but had everything more or less working before?  I am definitely in this set: “developers who may already have their machine ready for general development.” But apparently the devil is in the details, and my general development is not the same as theirs!

Much better to go through the complete install instructions for OSX, adjusting for obsolete commands (syncdb deprecated) and finding the correct way to do the equivalent as needed.

Most notably, the script will be missed if you skip over these details, and it is quite useful. I also had some permission and user/role problems with postgres, but that might have been my own fault or related to my existing dev environment and django/postgres/python apps.

Once I got it up and running (which took hours, not days), I was surprised that clicking on the Getting Started Guide link on my locally running copy of the app produces a pdf that is an extremely detailed, long explanation of the web app.  I don’t see that anywhere else on the web pages, which is a bit surprising, but I forwarded it to the energy consultant who asked me to look at this with him to see if it will serve the needs of a client.


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