Not 100 Years Ago

November 7, 2016

My husband told me recently that some women who live near the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony take their “I Voted” stickers and attach it to the headstone.  ivoted

I dropped my ballot off in a 24-hour ballot box outside of a public library before dawn this morning. Less than 100 years ago, my grandmother, Nana, born Irene Robb in 1892, dressed up with her mother and sister and went to vote for the first time, ever. She told me about it.

Today I voted to repeal the death penalty in the state of California, and I voted for a woman for president.

There is a chance that Clinton wont win, and while Trump does a good job of impersonating the devil incarnate, the fact is that people are not good or evil. They do good and evil things, which are rarely clear cut, though sometimes they appear pretty certain in hindsight.

Supposedly good presidents have done some very evil things. Supposedly evil presidents have done some very good things. The current tradition of history is to gloss over those exceptions and imagine people are good or bad. This encourages the tradition of no one progressing to run for high office, like the presidency, unless they are a megalomaniac.

I’d love to read a book written by a historian with a title like “Good and Evil Acts by Supposedly Evil and Good People.” I did read Lies My Teachers Told Me, but it was light on facts and heavy on outrage. It was interesting, but not as informative as I had hoped.


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