Me, reading a book, apparently sitting in a California poppy in my garden on a sunny day.Marla Parker

I am a Senior Software Project Manager at Energy Solutions, a small consulting firm that I joined in July, 2009 after enjoying a five month break after losing my job at Sun Microsystems in January.  For historical purposes, I’ve left up the page formerly known as Jobs I Want , since it had a minor role in helping me get this job.  eslogo

She Does Math!
Way back in 1995, I created the book She Does Math! by collecting contributions from 38 women, including my sister and myself.  It is still in print and used copies are available cheap.  Published by the MAA, I had originally created it as an end in itself and secondly as a minor fund raiser for the MAA’s high school speakers program called Women And Mathematics.  However, after some years, that program ended, so for the past few years I’ve received a royalty check for a couple hundred dollars from the long tail sales of this book.

It is still a useful book, and contains all the answers, plus a one page biography of each woman telling how much math she took in school and how she ended up in the career she had at the time of writing her chapter for the book.  It is a good book for browsing, and the problems can be fun to tackle as well.  My favorite is about counting pollen from an archeological dig.