Jobs I Wanted

This page was called “Jobs I Want”  before my job hunt came to a happy conclusion in July, 2009.  (Update: see current Jobs I Want.)

Here are some answers to the question: “Sooo … what exactly do you want to do?”

I would do all these things if I could clone myself, and a few others as well.  See also my skills and experience, which I keep up-to-date on LinkedIn.  Contact me through LinkedIn or leave a comment on this page. (It wont show up instantly because I moderate comments.)

Code that Counts

Only when I worked as a programmer did I say, in these precise words: “I cannot believe they pay me to do this.” Following the do-what-you-love advice, I should program. Apparently, not everyone can, though I think everyone should learn some sort of programming.  To me, examples of “code that counts” would include a clean tech system or product, an education tool, some piece of open government, or an international social movement that has to do with open-something-or-other. I do not dream of writing code only; I love doing all the work related to coding as well. Working in an open community of developers and users would be ideal.

Example companies are AMEE; the smart grid part of Cisco; eMeter; Energy Solutions; home-energy monitoring like Agilewaves, Tendril, or the other eight listed here; and GE Energy.

Tech Docs for Clean Tech

I love writing, I love science, and I enjoy learning technology and explaining it to people.   I can talk tech with the most abstract senior engineers and translate their hand-waving into plain writing that is accurate yet understandable by the target audience, whether it be specifications, end-user documentation, support material, or tutorials.

Example companies are the same as above plus training programs at companies like AEE Solar, Silicon Solar, Global Energy Concepts; also demand response and smart-grid companies like Echelon.

Project, Program and Community Management

I am a big believer in the power of open communities, and I have years of experience managing one technical community in particular and working with the open source software community at large.  Having been steeped in the open standards koolaid at Sun for two decades, I am a strong supporter of open standards in many industries, not just high tech.

Example companies are Global Inventures and Misys Open Source Solutions.

Teach Programming and Math

As you can see from my About page, I have had an interest in teaching math for a long time.  More recently, I became convinced that students of all ages, especially high school students, should learn to be producers of technology instead of merely (yes, merely!) expert consumers.  Instead of just using technology, students should learn how to develop it.  Some gamers become expert scripters, building worlds and objects to entertain their peers, which is really a form of programming.  I think this is great!

For high school students, I like to teach the Java programming language with Objects First With Java and Greenfoot.  For middle school students, I may also learn Scratch and Alice, the preferred tools of my mentor for teaching kids to program.

Other Temporary Assignments

Since I worked at one company for so long, I would really like to take one or more temporary assignments, full-time or part-time, at different companies: small, large, clean tech, high tech.  I’d be glad to work in any technical group, including tech support, writing, testing, release engineering, and program or project management.

Since researching where to blog and then deciding to use WordPress on my existing family website, I have fallen in love with WordPress!  It is not just for blogging.  I’d be delighted to work on WordPress projects to develop or maintain websites where users can easily publish their content. It is not a content management system for large enterprises, but it is more than adequate for most small business websites.

See also my skills and experience, and thanks for reading!

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